The mainstream medical community has once again admitted defeat.
But there are natural ways to...

Silence the “orchestra”
in your head – once and for all!

Without a prescription, without surgery and without leaving the comforts of your own home!


Dear Reader,

Nearly 6 million Britons are plagued with unexplained ringing, chirping, clicking, hissing or buzzing in their ears – all or most of the time, and for no apparent reason.

And I almost had to laugh out loud as I was browsing an online forum and read that the mainstream medical establishment had once again thrown up its arms in defeat – they’re telling you that nothing can be done to treat (much less cure) this “orchestra” of noises.

If I understand correctly: the drug companies haven’t patented a drug for it, therefore it can’t be cured. Right?

Here’s what one doctor told a woman named Emma:

“You have tinnitus. There’s no cure, and you have to live with it,” he said, before even a single diagnostic test.

You just have to live with it? That’s the best mainstream medicine can offer?

If you see an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor, the most you’re likely to get is a prescription for a hearing aid. But if you go through the NHS it can take up to 3 months to get your hearing aids… and that’s after you’ve waited weeks – possibly months – to see the ENT doctor first.

Sure, you could go private instead and get your hearing aids in a couple of weeks… but are you prepared for the cost? The average price for a pair of hearing aids is now about £3,000

Trust me, £3,000 isn’t necessarily going to cure the “unexplained” ringing, whistling, hissing, chirping, clicking or popping that mars your days and disrupts your nights.

In fact, the charity Action on Hearing Loss says that, at best, hearing aids “may help to distract your brain from your tinnitus”. So hearing aids aren’t a cure – they’re just a distraction.

And yet…

There are dozens of options for treatment...
and many of them are free

Tinnitus is loosely defined as: noises heard in the absence of matching noises in the surrounding environment. Most refer to it more commonly as “ringing in the ears.” So, if any of the above sounds like you, you may be among the 10% of Brits suffering with tinnitus.

And it isn’t at all surprising to know that in the vast majority of cases, standard medical tests fail to find a medically treatable cause for tinnitus. Can this be a frustrating prospect? Absolutely. But there are two very important points to bear in mind:

Everyone’s tinnitus is different – different sounds, different volume levels. For some people it’s all the time, while for other people, it’s occasional.

But for as many varieties of tinnitus as there are, there are at least as many methods for combatting it.

And I’m about to show you how you can begin to treat yours – without prescription drugs, surgery, interminable waits, or shelling out £3,000 on hearing aids.

The source of your tinnitus may be lurking in your medicine cabinet... right alongside the solution

All of the answers – the treatments and solutions – you’re looking for can be found within the pages of Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution.

To start, you’ll learn about the most common medications linked to “incurable” tinnitus.

It probably won’t shock you to learn that just about every major group of medications includes one or more ingredients linked to hearing damage. And chances are at least two of them are sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. In fact, in Britain we consume thousands of kilos of this one particular over-the-counter drug every year.

Check out page 64 to see which ones you should flush!

Plus, you’ll learn that those “harmless” antibiotics aren’t quite so harmless. Not only can they wreak havoc on your digestive tract, but also a 2001 University of Texas study found that:

Pages 53-56 will tell you about a certain class of medications that can help some tinnitus sufferers. But before you get your next prescription, make sure you ask your doctor which medications can put your hearing at undue risk.

And that’s not all...

Is this common breakfast beverage making
your tinnitus worse?

You’ll learn how tinnitus is often set off by a hidden food allergy – and it doesn’t take much. Things as common and simple as caffeinated coffee, teas and colas are a common culprit.

Plus, turn to pages 60-63 to learn why you might want to:

Alcohol makes things much worse for some people... but it’s a temporary “silencer” for others.

You’ll get the tips you need to figure out which foods might be ringing those bells in your ears. And how to put all of these tips to work for you – without a doctor’s appointment and, in many cases, without having to leave your house at all.

Overcome the “silent cause” behind the ringing

Believe it or not, many cases of tinnitus are simply caused by stress. I call it the “silent cause,” because people tend to overlook the profound physical symptoms the body can produce in response to stress.

But, not only can stress be the cause of your tinnitus, the perils of living with tinnitus can actually make that stress even worse – creating a vicious cycle of ever-worsening noise!

That’s why, all too often, doctors will immediately whip out their pad and scribble off a prescription for any one of the more common antidepressants or antianxiety medications.

In all fairness, one of them silenced the ringing for 76% of study participants. But beware of these three medications. They can come with some serious side effects and even dependence.

In Chapter 8 you’ll discover the role of stress in tinnitus, the vicious cycle it can create and how it’s possible for you to break the cycle without drugs – starting now!

Sometimes tinnitus is a symptom of something
else – but that doesn’t make it any less treatable

Did you know that high blood pressure could be the culprit? Although a direct cause and effect link hasn’t been drawn, many people with tinnitus also have high blood pressure.

And it makes sense. When blood is being pushed through the body at an elevated rate, it can create more intense sounds. Especially as it rushes through the very fine arteries in your ears.

So is blood pressure medication the answer?

You should always check with you doctor first, but probably not. We didn’t even have to dig too deeply into the medical fringe to uncover that.

You’ll learn that there are plenty of simple, natural approaches that may lower your blood pressure, including music therapy, herbalism, aromatherapy, yoga, acupuncture, acupressure… And there’s one all-natural therapy that’s been used since the 1700s to successfully treat ailments of every shape and size – including tinnitus.

Plus you’ll learn 5 easy exercises you can do in the comfort of your favourite chair to help quiet the ringing. Get the details in Chapter 10.

All of the answers mainstream “medicine”
never even thought to look for

Every one of the 139 pages of Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution is packed with useful informationfor treating and understanding tinnitus.

Are you a smoker? That could be feeding your tinnitus. Even non-smokers claim that being around cigarette smoke can really turn up the volume.

But don’t throw away your pack just yet. Find out on page 66 why quitting now could make your problems even worse!

You’ll learn about:

Plus, you’ll learn what to expect when you go to an ENT doctor for an ear test. Be prepared for this list of questions. But don’t leave your doctor’s surgery without getting answers to these 6 important questions (page 41).

And for the tiniest fraction of what you’d
spend on that hearing aid…

Can you imagine being asked to spend £1,500 on a single hearing aid – a gadget designed to make you hear more – to help quiet the ringing in your ears?

That sounds to me like a doctor without answers... grasping at straws.

But we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution is chock full of them.

And it won’t cost you anywhere near £1,500!

In fact, £1,500 would get you 50 copies of this invaluable resource. Because each copy is just £26.95 plus £3 postage, for a total of £29.95 per copy.

You’re protected by the “Silence is Golden” Guarantee

You’ll get the details on everything I’ve covered, and more! Plus, 21 pages of contacts and websites where you can find even more information on all of the topics and treatments discussed throughout the book.

I guarantee that within the pages of Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution – the dozens of treatments and effective approaches the mainstream medical establishment would never have come up with on their own – is the answer to the golden silence you’re looking for.

And you’ve got a full 365 days to put these tips to work for you, RISK-FREE. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply return the book within a year and we’ll send you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

So why wait?  Click here right now to get your copy of Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution today.

You’ll find solutions your doctor never told you about – guaranteed, or your money back!


Rachael Linkie
Journal of Natural Health Solutions

P.S. The mainstream can’t seem to cure anything without a prescription or a scalpel. But Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence: The Tinnitus Solution is filled with dozens of revealing insights, treatments and solutions your doctor never knew existed. So order your RISK-FREE copy today and take a full year to put these solutions to work for you, or your money back. Don’t delay, order now!


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