According To The Centers For Disease Control (CDC)…And The Diabetes Association, Right Now…As YOU Read This…

9,315 People Are Hurtling Towards A DEADLY DIABETES DISASTER!


Want to avoid becoming a mere statistic – one of the 388 people who will DIE IN THE NEXT HOUR from diabetes and its deadly complications?

Here's the information your doctor won't tell you…and the money-hungry drug giants hope you NEVER discover about how you can…

  • Get rock-steady blood sugar levels! This "Apple Pie" breakthrough makes it possible!
  • Have 20 TIMES GREATER ENERGY! Super spice proven in studies.
  • Toss the tabs and bin the insulin with this little-known "plant insulin." So safe, doctors often prescribe it for treatment of colic in new born babies!
  • Normalise the action of insulin in your body…by regenerating insulin-producing islet cells in your pancreas. Read on to discover how...
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  • Undo years' worth of damage to your heart…your eyes…your kidneys… and your entire body…
  • Dial-down high cholesterol and triglycerides WITHOUT drugs…
  • Lose 10 pounds in a matter of weeks…WITHOUT exercise!
  • Keep diabetes from ravaging your body…naturally…and in a matter of mere days or weeks…



Dear Friend,

When it comes to your health, few diseases are as devastating as diabetes.

Many doctors and other health professionals have named it as "the health scourge of the 21st century."

And it's easy to see why.

In the beginning, it starts out innocently enough – with symptoms like fatigue…frequent urination…thirst…skin problems…and weight loss.

But as the disease progresses, it can trigger a whole host of other, more worrying symptoms.

Things like numbness and tingling. Open sores and vision problems. Repeated infections. And more serious threats like kidney damage, high cholesterol and dangerously high blood pressure.

And this is just the beginning.

Because statistics published by The American Diabetes Association and The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) paint an even bleaker picture of diabetes' deadly path of destruction…

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people aged 20-70

  • It's the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of all cases

  • It's the leading cause of lower limb amputations, with more than 65,700 amputations conducted every year

  • It's the leading cause of mild to severe forms of nerve damage

  • It increases your risk of a deadly heart attack or stroke by 200% -- 400%

  • It's one of the chief causes behind elevated cholesterol levels and sky-high blood pressure levels

  • It doubles your risk of death from all causes…and can subtract 15 - 20 years off your life-span


And right now, as you read this, as many as 9,315 people are hurtling towards a deadly diabetes disaster. That's 388 living, breathing human beings being unceremoniously wiped out every hour of every day, 365 days a year – making diabetes the 7th leading cause of death in the world today!

And things are only going to get worse.

Indeed, type 2 diabetes has been spreading like wildfire for more than three decades. In 1985, as few as 30 million people were diagnosed with the disease. In the year 2000, worldwide diabetes numbers had jumped to over 150 million. And today, as many as 300 million people worldwide have diabetes.

And according to many well-informed medical professionals and world-renowned researchers, that number is rising at a furious rate, with more than 7 million new cases being diagnosed every year! And by the year 2050, these same researchers estimate that 1-in-3 of us will have diabetes.

In addition, many doctors estimate that as many as 10 million people are living with diabetes today…but don't even know about it!

Modern Medicine's Great Diabetes FAILURE!

So what can you do?

Even if your well-meaning doctor does advise you on which foods are best for your condition… all-too-often it's the wrong advice… and following it could do more harm than good!

Many doctors and dieticians still advocate a low fat, high carbohydrate diet, which is guaranteed to elevate a diabetic's blood sugar levels further and encourage weight gain.

Regardless of whether your doctor dishes out dietary advice or not, the chances are that you'll walk away from your doctor's surgery armed with brochures, almost all of which are published by pharmaceutical companies, which emphasise the importance of medication… .

When your doctor delivers the bad news that you actually have diabetes, their natural response is to write you a prescription for one of the popular diabetes drugs on the market today…or tell you that you need insulin shots daily to help control the disease. Or both!

In fact, drugs are quite often the first port of call for doctors when it comes to diabetes, even over diet and exercise.

Yet the medical facts show that drugs should be the very last resort for treating diabetes and blood sugar problems. Scores of clinical studies show that drugs offer very few benefits and flat out fail to live up to claims made by the drug giants who produce them.

Just like taking an aspirin won't fix the root cause of a headache, diabetes drugs do absolutely nothing – zilch – to help your body beat diabetes. They simply mask the symptoms while the root cause is left to carry on uninterrupted.

Clinical studies performed on the major prescription diabetes drugs have shown them to be almost useless for treating diabetes. Indeed, a recent large-scale trial on many of the popular prescription drugs indicated a miniscule 1% improvement in A1c blood glucose levels among patients who take them!

Pharmageddon: How Big Pharma's Drugs Are Slowly Killing Us...

And that's only half the story. Because scores of scientific studies show that drugs are not only woefully inadequate at controlling the condition, but they also come complete with a list of worrying and even deadly side effects as long as your right arm!

Take, for example, the diabetes drug Avandia, one of the most widely-prescribed drugs in the world. In 2008 it really hit the headlines due to its alarming side effects. Among other things, it was found to dramatically increase the risk of heart attacks and death!

Yet Avandia was allowed to plough through thousands of unsuspecting patients, triggering deadly heart attacks and other life-altering side effects, before the FDA finally banned its use some two years later!

Then there's another popular diabetes drug, Actos. And just like Avandia, it comes with an array of ugly and potentially deadly side effects. Clinical trials showed that patients gained an average of 9 pounds in weight. It caused dangerous fluid build-up and retention. Actos's destructive effects on the heart may be equal to or worse than Avandia's! And other studies have shown that Actos has been linked to deadly bladder cancer, cancer tumours in other parts of the body…and more!

These are just two examples of the worrying side effects prescription diabetes drugs pose.

So why are Big Pharma attempting to "normalise" diabetes by telling us it's "no big deal"....that we can live with it as long as we take the medication...that it's just something we need to control?

Because controlling the diabetes epidemic is a $175 billion-a-year industry cash-cow – where profits inevitably come before patients and their future well-being! Indeed, the average person with diabetes pays more than twice the amount of money on medical expenses than someone without diabetes.

So, the last thing Big Pharma wants is to kill the goose that lays the golden egg by finding a cure for diabetes!

Type 2 Diabetes Is A Ticking Time-Bomb –
Here's How To Defuse It…Naturally!

Make sure you get the REAL truth about Type 2 Diabetes....

I'm Rachael Linkie, Editor at Agora Health.

I've spent the last 15 years alerting our members to the most urgent advances in modern medicine that you're unlikely to hear about from your doctor or from the mainstream media.

My new book aims to shatter common myths about diabetes, and will tell you what really works for sufferers, based on the latest cutting-edge research.

One of the most exciting areas of research involves the use of specific nutritional supplements and natural remedies to ward off diabetes

What you're about to discover is the best of these natural breakthroughs and safe alternatives that can help bring your blood sugar levels down and transform your health in the process.

You'll no doubt wonder why this important information is not more widely available and why your doctor hasn't told you about it.

Well, the fact is most doctors rely on the drug companies for their treatment information . . . and drug companies prefer to promote their expensive, synthetic products (irrespective of whether they work or not) rather than the cheap, effective remedies you'll discover in this book...

That's why it's up to you to be well informed and make sure you know about all the treatment options available.

Rather than waste precious time trying to trawl through all the available research on the best diabetes preventatives and breakthroughs out there, we've done the hard work for you. With Diabetes Defeated: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally at your fingertips you'll have access to easy-to-follow, practical advice and potentially life-saving information.

Armed with this knowledge you can expect to feel empowered and confident that you can work alongside your doctor to make informed decisions about your health and about what treatment approach gives you the best chance of successfully managing your diabetes. . . and even reversing it!.

Diabetes Book

Well, what if you didn't have to do any of this? What if you could help control your type 2 diabetes without giving up the foods you love? Or even discovering delicious new foods that you never knew existed? What if you could get all the incredible heart-healthy and weight loss benefits of exercise…without having to exercise until you could barely breathe? And what if you could dramatically reduce – or even completely eliminate – your dependence on diabetes drugs and insulin . . . and keep the potential and horrific side effects at bay?

Wouldn't that be a boon to every diabetes sufferer on the planet – eliminating the worry we all feel when it comes to this insidious disease…and give you welcome new freedoms?

Wouldn't it feel wonderful to return to a "normal" life again? To have a second chance? To change the direction of your life away from the diabetes misery that lies ahead…and toward a future filled with good health, happiness, freedom of choice, and increased longevity without the dark cloud of diabetes hanging over you?

Because it's not a case of "if" diabetes will affect your life and your health…it's a matter of "when" it triggers a health catastrophe.

For instance, one sobering statistic from the organisation Diabetes UK estimates that 80 per cent of people with diabetes will die from cardiovascular problems.

And even if you don't have diabetes at the moment, you may be pre-diabetic so you need to watch out for these signs...

...constant fatigue, frequent hunger...excessive thirst...frequent need to urinate...blurred vision...blurred vision...weight-loss...a dry mouth...dry or itchy skin...

But let's not dwell on these negative aspects because – as you're about to discover – there are dozens and dozens of safe, natural ways to REVERSE diabetes and stop it from ever taking a hold on you . . .

How can I say this?

Well, here at Agora Health, our worldwide panel of experts – doctors, chemists and nutritionists – constantly alert us to these latest advances that are pushing back the frontiers of medicine. Our researchers then painstakingly gather all the evidence and we report our findings back to you . . . so that you can be amongst the very first to benefit from these revolutionary new cures and preventions.

That's why we've compiled this brand new book to help diabetes sufferers everywhere...

Type 2 Diabetes Defused...and Defeated!

DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally is a must-read if you currently have diabetes or if you have these classic risk factors for diabetes....

  • Are you overweight by more than 20%?
  • Do you take little frequent exercise?
  • Do you have a relative with diabetes (parents or siblings)?
  • Do you belong to one of the following ethnic groups: African American, Native American, Latin American, Asian American, Pacific Islander ?
  • Do you have "Impaired Fasting Glucose" (IFG) or "Impaired Glucose Tolerance" (IGF) on previous blood tests?
  • Do you have high Triglycerides (blood fats)?
  • Do you have the right balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol?
  • Do you have a history of high blood pressure?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above then you could already be on the wrong-track to a life where diabetes becomes the bully on your back.

So, now is the time to take decisive action and stop being bullied by diabetes. It's no use just leaving it, hoping that you won't become one of the 24,000 people who die prematurely every year in the UK due to complications related to diabetes.

What you're about to discover are some of the most effective, scientifically-proven, natural ways to get your blood sugar back on track and avoid becoming insulin-dependent.

And In just a moment, I'm going to get VERY specific about the types of diabetes breakthroughs you'll find in this book, so please keep reading...

But first, I want to tell you about the secret culprits that - if left to do their damage - can put you at even greater risk of diabetes.

You won't be told about these by your doctor – he's only interested in treating your symptoms, not getting to the root cause of the problem.


Are You At Risk From These FIVE Secret Causes of Type 2 Diabetes?

Having diabetes is bad enough, but when it's caused by something that is mostly preventable and avoidable, then it makes it doubly urgent that you take immediate action against the secret culprits, such as:

  • This common virus – carried by many people without ill effects – displays NO symptoms ... but when triggered can cause your body to attack the pancreas and disrupt insulin production. Find out what it is and what you can do to stop its devastating 13.
  • New research from Harvard Medical School shows that having high levels of this toxin in your body DOUBLES your chance of developing type 2 diabetes.  Most of us are exposed to this every single day from toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaners....Find out what you can do to combat this on page 17
  • Korean researchers have found that people with high levels of these chemical pollutants have a 5 times higher risk of diabetes. On page 18 you'll find out how to flush them out with these common plant extracts...
  • Eat these foods to prevent this common bacterium hijacking your stomach. Latest research points to this bacterium causing elevated blood sugar levels especially in obese people. Here's what you can do on page 18....
  • Common prescription medicine can cause diabetes. Shockingly, despite FDA warnings, doctors still prescribe this drug to millions of people.  Here's what to do on page 20 - 24 if your doctor tries to write you a prescription for this drug...

Getting a clear picture of what may be the underlying cause of your diabetes could be the first and only thing you need to do clear the way ahead for a life free form the disease.

And that's one of the main reasons why I want you to have a copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally to read, use and evaluate – totally RISK-FREE for ONE YEAR.

This way, you don't risk a single penny. I'm betting that once you read about the proven secrets and remedies in the book...and begin seeing the incredible restorative changes these remedies offer, you'll want to keep it forever...and recommend it to everyone you know.

More specifically, let me give you a small "taste" of what you'll discover in the pages of this extraordinary book...


New Answers And Groundbreaking New Approaches That Will Help Get Your Diabetes Bully Off Your Back

Well, in your risk-free copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally, you'll discover scores of new, next generation breakthroughs that in decades to come you'll look back and wonder: "why weren't we ever told about these all those years ago?"  For example, you'll discover...

  • Cut your diabetes risk with....cheese!? Sounds incredible, but new research is starting to contradict conventional wisdom on fermented dairy products.  Find out on page 90
  • Replacing carbohydrates with this 'superfood' helps control diabetes...Plus, helps you lose weight. Full details on page 92
  • "My doctor didn't believe it!" This four herb tea slashes blood sugar by 18% in just eight weeks...reduced food cravings, too! Full details on page 105
  • Sugar shocker! This zero-calorie natural sweetener stabilises blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance.
  • An out-of-sync body-clock can increase your risk of diabetes by 600 per cent! Researchers discover secret for 'tuning' vital hormones to regulate blood sugar. Fully explained on page 118  
  • The 'bitter' fruit extract that's MORE effective than drugs! Proven in dozens of studies to reduce blood sugar and preventing cataracts...Full details on page 122
  • Like metformin, but 100 per cent NATURAL and WITHOUT the side effects! This plant also prevents blood clots and acts as a powerful anti-bacterial. Here's how it works on page 126
  • This 'super' anti-oxidant does everything any diabetic could wish for. . . controls blood sugar . . . protects eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and arteries from damage . . . plus helps you lose weight too! 
  • Warning! You may need to ditch the diabetes drugs and reduce the frequency of your insulin shots...just by upping your intake of these 'triple halo' mineral nutrients.  Find out the best way to re-stock your body's store on page 134

If you want to protect your heart, liver, pancreas, limbs, eyesight and many other vital functions from the ravaging effects of diabetes...and dramatically improve your entire health...I truly believe DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally is essential reading for you and for anyone who may be a sufferer.

"There is so much excellent information in this book that it will take some time to assimilate. I certainly think the book is value-for-money and I will soon be implementing some of the recommendations."
Elizabeth McDonagh

Case File #1:
The breakthrough research that never made the front pages!

Dr Stuart Lindsey was a high street pharmacist for fifteen years, during which time he saw many people with diabetes getting onto what he calls the "sugar-med treadmill".

After prolonged treatment with their diabetic medications, the health of these patients never improved. And that disturbed him...

Then, pain in his own feet led to his being given a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes himself, which prompted him to take a long, hard look at conventional assumptions and treatment.Diabetes Book

So, he began researching the subject and found that taking diabetes medications over a prolonged period forces the kidneys to flush out this one essential vitamin – so that your body ends up becoming totally deficient in this vital vitamin nutrient. 

He also uncovered some groundbreaking – but little-known - research from the University of Essex which confirmed that this deficiency was the root cause of many of the complications suffered by so many diabetics – such as nerve damage in the feet and legs, kidney damage, damage to the eyes and heart failure.

In just 3 weeks ALL the symptoms disappeared!

Despite dire warnings from his GP, Dr Lindsey refused to go down the drugs route and instead started to treat himself with high doses of vitamins and other nutrients. Within a week, the shooting pains in his ankles were mostly gone.

After three weeks, all of the other symptoms of numbness of the toes and overall pain in the feet, including the 'boot effect' (the feeling that you have your boots or socks on), had also virtually disappeared.

Two years later, despite still having blood sugar readings that are considered high and for which most doctors would prescribe medication, Dr Lindsey is free from neuropathy and has no signs of eye or kidney problems or heart disease.

Dr Lindsey says: "If all diabetics would supplement with B vitamins and vitamins C, D, and E, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, they would lessen their problems with insulin and blood sugar, and the other serious symptoms of diabetes."

I hope this example is beginning to help you realise just how safe and effective alternatives can help you successfully conquer  diabetes . . .

And in your risk-free copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally, you'll find the exact same vitamin combination that Dr Lindsey cured himself with . . . and  which his doctor had warned him "couldn't possibly do any good."

Case File #2:
The anti-cancer compound that researchers have discovered works for type 2 diabetes, too!

Scientists have known for some time now that a naturally-occurring substance, found in your body's cells and also present in vegetable fibre, is an effective anti-cancer agent.

But now, there is much excitement in scientific circles about new evidence to suggest that this active compound could also play a vital role in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.

IP6 is a component of fibre found in whole grains and legumes (peas and beans). And US scientists have concluded that IP6 could be the key to regulating healthy insulin production Their findings open exciting doors to the future management of diabetes and herald a brighter future for those with a family history of the disease who are trying to prevent its onset in later life.

Naturopath Marcus Webb, who also works as a chartered biologist and technical director at Hadley Wood Healthcare says that the excitement about IP6 and diabetes has come about almost as a 'side effect' of the extensive research into IP6 and cancer.

IP6  helps regulate blood sugar levels by encouraging the efficient functioning of beta cells in your pancreas. Scientists know that these cells are sensitive to glucose and are responsible for the process that leads to insulin (which helps regulate glucose) being released. If these cells are not working properly then type 2 diabetes can occur.

Another reason why it is thought to be so effective in this area is due to the fact that it is a powerful antioxidant – meaning that it helps render free radicals harmless, which can otherwise increase the risk of disease developing.

"My blood sugar level has come down...I feel better and fitter"

One person to benefit from taking IP6 supplements is well-known author, TV personality, naturopath and health expert, Jan De Vries. He has been taking them for the past four months to help manage his type 2 diabetes, and he says he has already noticed "a distinct improvement" in his condition.

Jan De Vries is sure that IP6 also gives the body's immune system a boost, and says, "since I've been taking it, I feel better and I feel fitter… and my blood sugar level has come down.".

You'll find dozens of other breakthroughs in your risk-free copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally.

"I am keeping my blood sugar down, my numbers range from 5.8 to 6.7, all down to your information AND I was about to go on Metformin!"
Margaret Ann Oakley – Bridgenorth

Case File #3:
Blood Sugar Plummets By 107 Points In Just 90 Days...
Thanks To This Revolutionary Formula

You've heard about some of the new, natural breakthroughs you'll find in this special 247-page book.

You've heard about some of the surprising and little-known nutritional treatments...

Well, if this latest natural diabetes breakthrough did even HALF of what it claims, it would still be better than

This ground-breaking formula is twice as effective as some top-selling diabetes drugs at lowering blood glucose in every measure. Plus, it works much, much faster – we're talking days, not months. But things weren't all plain sailing for the manufacturer...

One small company risks financial ruin to back their faith in this groundbreaking product

Inspired by all the success stories pouring in from grateful customers who'd used his product, Ken Hampshire, owner of the small US-based manufacturer wanted to know exactly what his formula could do, so he commissioned a small study involving 17 participants to see how it fared.

The results were so positive that Ken decided to take a major gamble and pay for a clinical trial... putting his company on the line. If his product flopped, they would be ruined.

But thankfully, the results were nothing short of amazing:

• Fasting blood sugar plummeted an unheard of average 107 points in just 90 days. That's TWICE as effective as the top-selling diabetes drugs which can only drop blood glucose levels by around 50 points

• Two-hour glucose levels decreased 54.55%

• HbA1c dropped from an average of 7.7% to 4.7%, a remarkable 3 point drop

• LDL cholesterol decreased by more than 34%

• Total cholesterol dropped over 29%

• Triglycerides fell by 20%

• Systolic blood pressure decreased by 28.4%, along with a 4.9% drop in diastolic blood pressure

• Average weight loss was 9.3 pounds – with NO changes in eating or exercise

And those were the results after only 90 days, in patients with chronic uncontrolled blood glucose and fasting blood glucose counts between 160 mg/dL and 225 mg/dL (a definite danger zone).

Diabetes BookDuring the clinical trial, they also ran a glucose challenge test, loading the subjects with 75 grams of glucose (that's about 6 tablespoons) to see the response. Of course, when you take in that much sugar, your blood glucose spikes up, and it may take a long time to level out (the standard measure of how well the body handles sugar after eating is a two-hour test). Yet, almost everyone in the product group had normalized blood sugar within 30 minutes of the glucose load!

There are dozens more examples of breakthrough new products like this all contained in DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally. It's 247 fascinating pages long and written in plain, easy-to-understand language so that you can read it quickly and start putting the information to work that very same day... and begin feeling the terrific benefits within a matter of mere days!

And as you dig deeper you realise that there are literally dozens and dozens of scientifically proven remedies and preventions for diabetes that you've probably never heard before from your doctor or from mainstream websites and patient groups...

>Sure, there are plenty  of websites trying to sell you the absolute cure for diabetes at a pretty penny, all claiming that their product will bring you results in a matter of days.

But that's exactly why you need to be fully armed with all the information contained in DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally so that you can sort out the champs from the charlatans.

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Our researchers have already done the painstaking and sometimes mind numbing hard work for you .... sifting through reams of research documents, checking and cross-checking the claims, interviewing companies to get the inside story....all so that you can have all these findings in one place to read and refer to time and time that you can find the ideal treatment, compound or formula that works best for you...

Things like...

  • This 31-ingredient powerhouse formula rivals diabetes drugs ...but much, much safer! Listing out all the benefits of each ingredient would run to a whole book on its own...but we've condensed everything you need to know on pages 151 to 154
  • This incredible Chinese mushroom helps control blood sugar...helps protect against heart disease and cancer, too.  These mushrooms contain a secret ingredient which is largely missing from our modern diet.  What is it?  Find out on pages 154 – 156.
  • This compound prevents the ageing effects of high blood sugar AND diabetic complications. What's even better, it ensures more of the active compound is delivered faster into the body thanks to a unique technological advance.  You've just got to read about this on page 158
  • How comes this noxious weed from India and South East Asia has got researchers from the prestigious Harvard Medical School all excited?  It's all explained on page 161
  • This essence from the prickly pear cactus was used as a medicine by Aztecs over 1,000 years ago.  But, guess what?  It's so packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants that it's now being used to effectively regulate blood sugar, aid weight-loss, lower cholesterol AND overcome gastrointestinal disorders.  More here on page 168
  • 'I've never depended on medication and I'm not about to start now!'  How one 69 year-old woman's search to control dangerously high blood sugar caused her to stumble across this ancient herbal remedy. It works like a energy and weight-loss come as part of the package!  It's on pages 175 - 180.

I know you'll want to get your hands on this book as soon as possible, but there's just one more thing I need you to know...

arrowWhen you reserve your copy of the 247 -page DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally today, you'll also automatically receive a very special bonus 28 page report written by one of the top nutritional experts in the country....

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Nourish your way to becoming diabetes-free . . . with this special bonus FREE 28-page report

The great news is that we've commissioned Martin Hum, an expert in nutrition to put together a diet plan that will help you eat your way free from diabetes...

. . . And it's yours FREE as an exclusive bonus when you reply within the next 5 days.

Martin Hum

Meet Martin Hum - one of the UK's top nutritional experts....

Martin Hum is a qualified nutritional therapist with more than 20 years' experience, who has written on health and nutrition issues for national magazines and newspapers. He's also appeared on television in the documentary series 'Get Well Soon', which explored the role of natural therapies in preventing and treating illness.

He is the former Chairman of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), the UK's leading training institute for nutritional therapists.

In his private practice, Martin has advised clients from all over the world with a wide range of health concerns. In particular, he has used his extensive research into nutritional approaches for curing health problems to help people with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.

He was one of the very first people to advocate a low-carbohydrate diet as a therapeutic approach when everyone else – doctors, patient groups and people who should really have known better - were recommending the opposite! .

In his 14 DAY DIET PLAN you're going to learn a totally new way of eating that will change your life for the better . . . beginning in as little as 14 days.

Once you learn the secrets of Martin Hum's approach, it will put you in direct control of your blood sugar levels, help you reduce your risk of heart disease, shed extra, unwanted pounds...AND help you get your blood pressure int the normal range . . . and keep it there!

Even if you have type 1 diabetes, this simple, yet effective approach can still partially reverse your condition and help you cut back on the amount of injected insulin you need by as much as 50 per cent . . . in as little as 6 weeks!

Now that's no mean achievement – especially since, as a type 1 diabetic, it will also help vastly reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, too.

The beauty of Martin Hum's revolutionary approach is that there are

tickNO special 'diet foods'

tickNO gimmicks,

tickNO tedious weighing out portions

tickNO boring meal plans

Just good old-fashioned common sense – supplemented with delicious recipes and secret 'superfoods' – and all backed up by years of in-depth research into this area.

Now, I'm not going to reveal ALL Martin Hum's secrets right here and now . . . but I can give you a sneak preview...

You see, it's all down to your exposure to something called the glycaemic load (GL).  Many of the foods you eat – especially the ones you crave – all contribute to this load factor.

You've probably heard of foods being classified by glycaemic index (GI). But the glycaemic load (GL) classification is a far more useful measurement than GI, since it takes into account how much carbohydrate a food contains and how quickly it is released into the body.

If you're diabetic, then this is the crucial part – you need to know not only how much carbohydrate is in each food, but you also need to know how quickly the carbohydrate will be released into your body . . . which can have a huge impact on your blood sugar levels spiking up and down.

The GL diet tackles this head on and is much, much easier to follow than the GI diet.

And so that you can avoid the foods with the highest GL values, Martin has put together a special blueprint for you to follow...

"The book is full of excellent information backed by scientific evidence. I respect Martin Hum for his knowledge of nutrition."
E.M. – Doncaster

Your 14 Day Metabolic Meal Map

The first thing that surprised me about this Metabolic Meal plan is just how mouthwatering the menus are...

Diabetes Diet Plan

This uniquely tailored nutritional plan isn't just a diet plan – it's a power-eating blueprint that will protect your body from the ravages of diabetes and associated complications.

Each meal plan is designed specifically to have a low GL value, so you don't ever have to think about weighing or measuring your portions!

Plus there are 21 delicious recipes to follow . . .for breakfast . . . lunch . . . dinner . . . healthful snacks and smoothies for in-between-meals . . . even sweet treats you'll yearn for!

Think of all the incredible benefits this special report can give you. . .

tickYou'll dramatically reduce your risk of devastating diseases like heart problems...

tickYou'll protect yourself from nerve damage and the possibility of 'charcot foot' – in as little 30 days or less...

tickYou'll be potentially saving your eyesight from damaging complications associated with diabetes..

tickYou'll turn every meal you sit down to into an amazing nutrient-charged refuelling session for your body . . .as powerful antioxidants and nutrients surge around your body . . . fighting disease . . . repairing damage and restoring normal cell function . . .reducing the stress on your pancreas to produce more and more insulin . . .

In short, you'll have a complete plan to protect your body for a lifetime. And as you go through your day, things will just keep getting better and better for you. A better performing liver. Your cells no longer resistant to insulin and leptin. Better overall health. A better LIFE!

And remember, you're NEVER AT RISK when you order DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally because you're always covered by ...

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This report is a one-time exclusive bonus to all buyers of the book and will never be sold separately.

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 rachael linkie

Rachael Linkie
Journal Of Natural Health Solutions

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